SinC UK/EU Chapter

Welcome to the Sisters in Crime Community!

Welcome to Once Upon A Crime, an inclusive community for British and European crime writers of all levels. As part of the international Sisters in Crime (SinC) network dedicated to the craft of crime writing, we are more than just a club; we’re a community. Whether you’re penning your first crime scene or weaving your latest mystery novel, Sisters in Crime is your springboard to the world of crime writing.

Why Join Once Upon A Crime?

Collaborate and Create
Dive into our diverse online writing sessions available in early and mid-morning slots throughout the week. Perfect your craft alongside peers and find your unique voice within the crime genre.

Expert Insight
Monthly Zoom meetups host a spectrum of expert speakers, offering you the chance to learn, grow, and be inspired. From forensic science to the intricacies of plot weaving, our speakers cover it all.

Network and Flourish
Connect with a vibrant community of industry professionals, fellow authors, and crime writing aficionados. These relationships can open doors, provide invaluable advice, and support your journey from manuscript to publication.

Showcase Your Talent
Participate in group promotions, marketing opportunities, and get your work published in our coveted annual anthology. A chance to shine and share your stories with a broader audience.

Global Connections
Tap into an international network of crime writing experts and enthusiasts. Our resources, including thousands of archived workshops and tutorials, cover every aspect of writing, ensuring you’re always learning and evolving.

Exclusive Opportunities
From attending an annual writer’s retreat to breaking into the American market and participating in exclusive conferences and meetups, membership offers a plethora of opportunities to advance your writing career.

Friendships That Last
Beyond the manuscripts and murder mysteries, forge lasting friendships with like-minded individuals. Once Upon A Crime is not just about writing; it’s about connecting, sharing, and growing together.

How to Join the Sisterhood

Joining Once Upon A Crime is a gateway to endless opportunities and a community that celebrates and supports your writing journey. Membership is twofold, reflecting our structure as both a local Chapter and part of the larger, international Sisters in Crime organisation. This unique setup allows us to operate independently while benefiting from shared resources and opportunities across the globe.

Step into Our World:

1. Join Our Chapter: Connect with our local Chapter and start your journey here:

2. Sign-up to the global Sisters in Crime organisation here: You have to be a member of this organisation to join our chapter. We share a vast number of resources (thousands of webinars, workshops and tutorials) as well as open up your network to the global American audience.

Unlock your potential with Sisters in Crime. Whether you’re sketching out your first crime scene or crafting your next bestseller, we’re here to support you every step of the way. Join us today and write your own success story.